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20 more tips for Time Management

April 8th, 2013

TimeFurther to our earlier posting 20 Tips for Managing Time, Here are 20 more tips to help you be more effective in the way that you plan you day, week, month year.


TiMe Management is one of those topics that we can all find difficult to address at times. Am I perfect at managing my time or planning my day, no I’m not, but I do use the tools and tips below to help plan my day and manage my time more effectively. The key to changing most behaviour is awareness, so be aware of when you’re not effectively using your time, and then do something about it!


So to help you, pure and simple here is a list of 20 tips for managing time and setting yourself up for a productive day.


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Leading Meetings Effectively

March 27th, 2013

Do you regularly plan, organise or lead meetings either with your team or clients? Do you want a way of leading meetings effectively?Leading Meetings Effectively


If so, below you will find some top tips for leading meetings effectively to ensure that you are getting the maximum value from everyone that is present. After all, meetings are an expensive use of everyone’s time, so make them effective, make them work for you and your team.


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Planning a meeting – Use PPO!

March 11th, 2013

Essential Meeting Skills

How frustrating is it when your meetings don’t run to time?

How frustrating is it when you receive an invitation to a meeting and it’s not clear what will be discussed or the purpose of the meeting is not clear?

Well, if you use three little letters when planning a meeting or asking questions about the meeting you will be able to gain this much needed clarity.


The three letters are P P O and they stand for;

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Being Assertive: Approaches for saying No….

November 28th, 2012

Do you struggle to say no to requests for your time?

Do you drop whatever you’re doing to help others despite having deadlines?


If the answer to the two questions above was yes, then you will probably benefit from these approaches for saying No more effectively.

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Evaluating Meetings – Meeting Nightmares!

July 23rd, 2010

Meetings seem to always be a hot topic of conversation on the web with quite a few comments on Twitter and other platforms about how dire they are etc. All this chatter got me thinking about some of the meetings that I had been in that had been well run and then some of the meetings that had ‘lost there way’ and not been very successful at all. Meetings are expensive and time consuming, yet we don’t often think about how much meetings are actually costing our businesses. How often have you stopped to think about the actual value that your meetings create? Of even if they were actually necessary in the first place. That then led me to start thinking about how we could be Evaluating Meetings from now on?

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