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As well as our management and leadership development offerings we also provide professional business skills training on a variety of different subjects, including; performance and time management, facilitation, assertiveness, coaching and appraisals. We take pride in ensuring that each of our development training programmes or workshops are tailored to meet your exact needs.


Whether it is a skills workshop or a full training programme we follow our standard procedure of first listening and understanding your specific needs  before working with you to create a tailored solution that fully meets your needs. We are likely to use various experiential learning methods along with input sessions and group discussions, all of which will help your teams realise the skills and behaviours that they need to utilise to achieve business needs.


One key aspect of any of our business skills workshops or training programmes is the desire for our delegates to not only learn about the subject but also to enjoy learning about it as well. This comes from a fundamental and well proven belief that if you have fun and enjoy the training programme you are more likely to remember the key concepts and thus create lasting results.


All of our skills training programmes or workshops involve active learning. Our delegates will not be suffering “death by PowerPoint”, instead they will be on their feet doing something to help them understand a subject within the first few minutes of one of our workshops, a theme which continues throughout the duration!


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Examples of business skills training courses/ development workshops that we have run previously include;



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