Leading Meetings Effectively

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Do you regularly plan, organise or lead meetings either with your team or clients? Do you want a way of leading meetings effectively?Leading Meetings Effectively


If so, below you will find some top tips for leading meetings effectively to ensure that you are getting the maximum value from everyone that is present. After all, meetings are an expensive use of everyone’s time, so make them effective, make them work for you and your team.



Before you start


  • Prepare an agenda and send it out in good time
  • Plan the room
  • Always use a flip chart!
  • Decide who will take action notes
  • Appoint a ‘gatekeeper’
  • Create an ‘Issues’ log
  • Insist mobile devices placed on ‘silent’
  • Schedule regular breaks
  • Establish simple ‘ground rules’



When you meet


  • Let people talk to each other – not just you!
  • Encourage ‘two way traffic’ – so everyone contributes
  • Always be courteous.
  • Bring in quiet people
  • Hold back high contributors!


Lead discussions effectively


  • Don’t allow interruptions
  • Paraphrase what people say
  • Test your understanding
  • Summarize frequently
  • Watch people’s body language!


By following the simple guidelines above you’ll be able to run really effective meetings that your team will look forward to attending rather than dread.


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