Performance Management – The impact of not addressing issues

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PM - The impact of not addressing issues




In a previous blog entry (Performance Management – Managers need to be role models) I discussed the significance and importance of Performance Management in a team or organisation and, in particular, looking at the role of the leader or manager in doing so. But what are the consequences of not addressing performance issues that arise, how might this lack of action impact on the other team members or individuals around them? How might it begin to impact on the team, the company and your customers for example? Here are some ideas to consider;


Impact on the team member

  • They won’t know there is a problem
  • They won’t know the impact it is having on those around them
  • They will therefore make no effort to address the problem
  • They won’t have any idea what they have to do to improve
  • They are likely to feel that these standards are acceptable


Impact on the team Leader – they are likely to be seen as;

  • being weak
  • being a poor team leader
  • not treating people fairly or consistently
  • losing the respect of their team, peers and colleague
  • not having sufficient control over staff performance
  • not having potential for future development because they don’t tackle people issues effectively
  • having low standards


Impact on the team

  • increasing demotivation – especially the longer it’s left un-addressed
  • a loss of commitment to the team itself and to achieving their objectives
  • an increase in gossiping
  • loss of respect for the team leader
  • increased tension within the team
  • increased staff turnover within the team
  • a reduction in standards
  • reduction in performance overall
  • Others trying the same thing (What’s good for one is good for another…..)


Impact on the company 

  • Poorer standards
  • Increase in absenteeism
  • Morale could be adversely affected
  • Potentially higher staff turnover – leading to increased recruitment costs
  • Could impact on customer service or client perceptions of the company

Performance Management is a key responsibility of management and leadership positions, make sure that you are addressing issues as soon as possible.

So what actions could you take?

  • Address performance issues promptly
  • Don’t wait for a formal performance review session (especially if it’s not till the end of the year!)
  • Always give timely feedback – keep it constructive and involve the individual in ways to improve their performance to get buy-in
  • Don’t leave people wondering how they’re doing; tell them.
  • Don’t think that people know how they’re doing: tell them.
  • Don’t assume by saying nothing that no one else will notice or it will sort itself out – it won’t! Address it now.
  • Keep in regular contact with each person that works for you, regular feedback, guidance and coaching around performance will pay dividends for everyone.


Can you think of any other consequences or actions that you would add to the above? Your comments and views would be most welcome.

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