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The ABCD of Trust

Trust is something that I hold in very high regard, indeed I would say it is crucial to me and the relationships that I have. I need to feel that I’m trusted and I need to feel that I can trust, be that an individual, a team or an organisation.

I’m sure like me that you’ve walked away from many deals, purchases, sales because of a lack of trust in the person that you’re talking too. Sometimes you are quite clear as to your reasons why, at other times there is just ‘something’ that you can’t quite identify.

Now I’m sure that we all have different levels of trust and those levels of trust are likely to differ by situation and circumstance but what are the fundamentals of trust? How do we build it, demonstrate it or feel it?

The article linked below by Randy Conley makes a lot of sense to me and I hope that it resonates with you as well. It starts to spell out in easy terms what he calls the ABCD’s of trust.

From a personal perspective, in order to trust both myself and others I need to feel that I, and they, are able to do whatever is being asked of them.
I need to be honest with myself and others to be believable and I expect them to be honest with me in return.
I also need to be focussed on the person, whether that is me or those around me, truly listening and understanding what is important to them – in one word – connected.
The final point for me is that I need to be dependable, and deliver what I commit to, whether that is for me personally or someone else.

Have a read for yourself……….

I would love to know what you think about trust.

What makes you trust someone? What helps you to trust yourself?

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