Powerful Presentation Delivery Tips #1

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Do you enjoy giving presentations or doing 60 second introductions at networking events? If your response is no, you’re not alone!

Speaking in public is a common fear and is often quoted in top 10 lists. However, I believe that everyone can improve how they feel about giving presentations by using some simple tips and carrying out effective preparation.


Here is my first in a series of tip sheets that will help you feel more comfortable and prepared for your next speaking engagement, whether that is presenting to the board, presenting to your team, introducing yourself at a networking group or meeting potential clients for the first time.


  1. Meet people before you start so that you have ‘friends’ out there. It helps to ‘break the ice’ both for them and for you.
  2. Dress appropriately – this works to highlight yourself, your subject or to match your audience and to create the desired impression. It is also an important step in helping to build trust and credibility. Check your hair/tie/trousers/dress before standing up!
  3. Create a solid stance with your weight evenly distributed on both feet.
  4. Be yourself and relax. Assume an erect comfortable posture, just be you!
  5. Avoid nervous habits – jingling change, running your hands through your hair, moving from foot to foot.
  6. Be alive, inject energy and passion into your presentation and subject. If you’re not passionate about your subject, why should your audience be?
  7. Move whilst speaking; don’t feel the need to be rooted to the spot. Communicate on a high energy level.
  8. Use the whole stage, present to your whole audience, engage them with your eyes and body language. Eye contact is another fundamental in building trust with your audience.
  9. Look at your audience while pausing to think.
  10. Smile! Your audience will react to what they see. A deadpan expression will get a mirror reaction


What tips would offer to people to help them prepare for presentations? What works for you?


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