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20 Tips for Time Management

March 20th, 2013

timeTime Management or as I prefer to call it TiMe Management is one of those topics that we can all find difficult to address at times. Am I perfect at managing my time or planning my day, no I’m not, but I do use the tools and tips below to help plan my day and manage my time more effectively. The key to changing most behaviour is awareness, so be aware of when you’re not effectively using your time, and then do something about it!


So to help you, pure and simple here is a list of 20 tips for managing time and setting yourself up for a productive day.


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Business Email Communication Tips

January 19th, 2011

As many of us use email on a very regular basis for our business I thought that it might be useful to provide some Business Email Communication tips to consider when writing them.

So….. here is a simple way to make sure that when you’re writing emails to anyone that it has the IMPACT that you want it to have;

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