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I have a particular fascination for Neuroscience and understanding how the brain impacts on our behaviours, so this info graphic caught my eye the other day and I thought that I’d share it with you on my blog. It’s fundamentally a simplified and exploded view of the human brain detailing which parts of the brain controls which parts of the body as well as our emotional response to events that we encounter.


Mind Blown: An Exploded View of The Human Brain


As part of my toolkit for Management and Leadership development I use a tool called PRISM to help my clients understand their behaviour preferences and the impact that these may have on their expected outcomes. If you would like to understand more about your own behaviour and responses to certain situations or why you favour particular behaviours over others, you might be interested in PRISM Brain Mapping.  PRISM is simply the world’s most comprehensive, on-line, neuroscience-based behaviour profiling instrument. When combined with 1-2-1 coaching it becomes a powerful tool to assist and enable change.

The remarkable complexity of the human brain has shown that human beings cannot credibly be divided up into a fixed number of types or groups of people who are unable to act outside of their behaviour preferences. PRISM does not, therefore, label people or fit them into ‘boxes’, nor does it have ‘scores’, or right or wrong answers. Instead it provides users with a powerful graphic explanation for  why they approach situations and individuals in different ways or with different behaviour responses.

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