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In my experience successful teams are something special to work in and I have been privileged to work in a few over the years as well, and that got me thinking; Just what was it that made the team successful and very special to be a part of?


Here are some ideas that I came up with;

In successful teams…

• People share the same basic goals

• People listen carefully to one another

• People feel fully committed to the team and its task

• The team accepts disagreement and dissent

• People don’t mind disagreeing with one another

• People support and help one another

• People praise each other’s good performance

• People encourage one another

• People are open about their feelings

• People try to find out what others think and feel

• Success is celebrated by everybody

• There is regular review of performance

• People believe in the team and believe it will be successful

• People communicate clearly with one another

• People give one another feedback on their performance

• Team members possess different skills, attitudes, values and use them


Is there anything that you would add to this list?


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  1. John Smith says:

    Hi Martin,
    This is a great list, I think that I would add that in my experience the team works best when it has a clearunderstanding of the goals and feels empowered to achieve them. It also helps when they feel that they are suitably supported by their boss and the organisation around them.


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