Case Study – Difficult Decisions

Following an announcement that my role was being outsourced I realised that I had difficult decisions to make – should I accept an alternative role internally with KC, or should I accept a redundancy package and pursue my career elsewhere?

This was a very tricky period to be making such decisions as it came at a time of great uncertainty in the job market. I was feeling a great deal of uncertainty in terms of making the best decision for myself, and was advised to work with Martin Smith to support me through this.

Martin’s coaching and approach to the problem helped me to crystallise my thinking and allowed me to formulate a clear picture of the pros and cons associated with each of the different options available to me. His approach was spot on: He did not seek to give me answers, rather he helped me to clear the path towards finding the answers within myself.

Martin has a very personable and empathetic approach and he took the time to explain the psychology which was affecting me given the situation that I was in. He helped me to gain a clear and simple perspective of the pros and cons associated with each potential decision. Following my session with Martin I felt confident and motivated to move forward, and following an offer of a new role with another company the future is looking very positive.

One particular method that Martin used was to map out the various options that we came up with on a white board. He then took digital photos and sent them to me for reference. I found this ‘map’ a very useful reference tool when assessing options going forward.

Ben Lott – ESCS Transport Planning Supervisor – 17/02/09

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