Case Study – Career coaching

Martin took on the challenge of career coaching me when I found I had reached the top of my salary band in my company with unclear vision on where I should go next.

Through 3 phone conversations and 3 face to face meetings over a period of approximately 7 months, we worked together to identify what was important to me and explored internal and external options that would align with my energies.  As options became available, Martin helped me to face the realities of each and give me the clarity and confidence to finally make the decision to move. Once I had moved, we worked on self-presentation and explored ways to create a positive first impression and then started building the ‘vision’ for the leader that I want to be.

Martin used a perfect combination of tools, patience and fun to take us though some difficult and probing explorations.  Throughout it all I always felt that Martin worked with me because he cares for me as a person, cares for my success within the company but also sees adding value for the company as a key for a successful mix.

Satinder K Madan

20th April 2009

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