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Working Smarter for Better Productivity – November 2016

Really enjoyed the Covey Learning structure, excellent way to bring the team together. Thank you! – Will Jones, Journeys by Design

Very insightful and interactive. Presentations were interesting, good slides and videos that kept us all engaged. A real eye-opener for us all! Thank you. – Frankie, Journeys by Design

I found the workshop refreshing and motivating – there were many elements of my life both at work and home that I recognised from this that can be made better, so thank you Martin. – Hannah, Journeys by Design

Martin was a very engaging trainer and covered a range of topics which appealed to everyone. I think everyone is going to take away some good action plans and I think it would be a good idea o refresh on this in 6 months/1 years time. – Maddy Cook, Journeys by Design


Time & Self-Management Workshop

“Martin is a captivating trainer who kept my attention throughout the day” – Alistair Blair, WCHP


Developing Leadership Skills – March 2014

“I feel better equipped to manage after completing the course. This was my objective at the beginning.”

“I would recommend the course as it provides good learnings (sic) on how to manage teams efficiently and gives simple yet powerful rules applicable to life.”

“The workshop is practical and informative. Intensive, but well paced. Very useful team building exercises.”

“Martin is enthusiastic and really aware of what he is explaining.”

“Interesting, well managed and close to real word and life experiences.”

“Many things to think about from a new perspective. All topics were relevant to the ‘real world’ and lots to work on after the workshop.”

“Martin had a good understanding of our objectives and his materials were well suited to meeting them. It was a well delivered and presented course that was well received by the group. There was a great balance between theory and practice and the concepts were clearly and professionally explained.”



Presentation Matters! (A joint venture with Sandra Crathern of Innavision) – February 2014

“I felt my confidence rise throughout the day”

“Thank you both for a brilliant course, I thought all of the session were equally useful, don’t change anything!”

“The Workshop helped to build confidence and you’re not alone in worrying about presentations”

“I felt that I unwrapped the idea of presenting into ‘chunks’ that I can manage and develop my skills.”


Team Development Workshop – March 2013

“A very good course, I enjoyed it and learnt a lot about myself and the team” – Team Development Workshop – March 2013

“Some valuable experiences and learning – thank you”

“Very very good course – I was dubious at first but thoroughly enjoyed it. Good structure, good control, excellent instructor – thank you”


Powerful Presentation Skills – July 2012

“Daunting, but it really provided me with the chance to practice, practice, practice”

“Presentations have always been something that I’ve been ‘told to do’ rather than wanted to do. After this course I actually feel like I would like to do a presentation!”

“WOW! – tiring but really effective”

“Martin’s feedback is clear and incisive, but also direct and very useful”


Powerful Presentation Skills – April 2012

“Whether you’re a new or experienced presenter there was something for all”

“I would recommend this course as I had a ‘can’t do’ attitude beforehand, but now I want to develop the skills I’ve learned today and see how much I can develop as a speaker!!”

“Great trainer, highly engaging and giving insightful feedback to all delegates”


Appraisal Skills and Performance Coaching – August 2011

“Best course I think I have been on for delivery!”

“Very Intereactive, very good material, very well presented and put together.”

“I came from a position of not seeing value in appraisals for everybody and learnt that everybody needs feedback/praise/encouragement/guidance”


Appraisal Skills – July 2011

“Fantastic Trainer, very friendly and encouraging. All of the exercises were on a scale of good to excellent.”


Train the Trainer – May 2011

“I would recommend this course to a friend or colleague because it presents a very interesting, fun and colourful way of bringing training/workshops to people”

“Thank you for delivering a fantastic course. The content was great and very relevant to me both personally and professionally. I will definately be putting this into practice

“Martin was so enthusiastic and made the training both interesting and enjoyable”

Click on the videos below to see/hear delegates giving some feedback from a recent Train the Trainer programme for a Corporate Client in Brighton.

Sylvia Petoova offers some feedback on a recent Train the Trainer programme.

Ioana Berbec praises a 2 day Train the Trainer programme

Els De Ruysser offers some feedback and praise


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