Sales Training should be seen as a reward, not a punishment

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Does your sales team need a service?

By David Foster, Sales Trainer and Coach


So, lets start off with a bit of an analogy, for instance the purchase of a new car… Sales Training as a reward. Team leader handshaking employee congratulating with


You spend some money (maybe a lot) and invest in a car to help you do your job. I expect, like me that you want and need to keep it running well by keeping it serviced and maintained. If you don’t maintain it, it could well let you down, usually at a crucial time: Perhaps that first visit to a potential big new client that you’ve been chasing for ages! Anyway, you don’t want it to let you down at a crucial time so you keep it maintained, serviced and updated (these days with the latest software) to keep it running smoothly and efficiently.


So, if your car needs to support you and helps you do your job.. what about your sales team? What maintenance or support do you provide for them? Do they need a service or an update?

How many of you employ salespeople that have been with you for a long time, are loyal and just about hit their sales targets (or maybe near misses!) When was the last time that you put them in for a service or a bit of maintenance…? After all, the longer you leave a car with a potential service or repair need the worse it is likely to get. It is also highly likely that it will end up costing you more money than fixing it now as problems usually have a knock on effect to other parts.


We’re all creatures of habit and develop both good ones and bad ones. Some habits help us, others hinder us and hold us back. Your Sales Team is in the same situation. Maybe the salespeople you employ have developed and maintained a few habits that don’t help them in getting business? They won’t of course admit this, maybe you don’t know yourself if this is the case… or, maybe you do but you’re putting off dealing with it (back to our regular maintenance issue) or you’re not sure how to tackle it?


This is where Martin Smith Learning and Development Ltd and our professional Sales Training can help!


One solution that works very well is Sales Master Class Training. These are workshops that are tailored to the needs of each business and sales team. We work closely with the Business Owner or Sales Director to identify behaviours and processes that are working well as well as areas that need improvement, whether that is conversion rates, lead generation, closing the sale, etc.

Maybe they are making a lot of appointments but not with the relevant decision makers? Maybe they are taking a  lot of orders but only for small amounts as they’re not confident in asking for the bigger orders? Sales Master Class training can really help with these areas and a more. Which areas do you feel that your sales team could improve on?


Give us a call to have a no obligations conversation about how we can help – 01273 358863


A Sales Master Class enables salespeople of all ages, experience and success to get together and share best practice  around effective sales skills. It helps them to identify and share what is working and what is not and generates solid actions for improvement and moving forward. Content included in this type of training is based around the most effective sales skills that will help your sales team to develop and prosper… You could call it a Sales Team Service or MOT?


Close up of a group of businesspeople stacking their hands on top of each otherThis type of training should be viewed by your sales team as a thankyou from you as they have been with you perhaps a long time and you want to help them do even better than they are now. If they do achieve better results, sign more business then the business flourishes, maybe they will earn more money and feel better about themselves?


It’s a “win win” for everyone (including you)


Find out more about our professional Sales Training here.

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