Sales Training: Why bother? We’re doing ok, aren’t we?

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By David Foster, Sales Trainer and CoachSales Training


I am always amazed at the attitude that some businesses have to Sales Training. It seems that the sales profession and those working in it are seen as maybe a non-essential / non valued role and that sales will come in automatically. Maybe they are seen as just order takers and not order creators?  But I would like to challenge this possible misconception.

Just suppose that airline pilots, captains of cruise liners, bus and train drivers, accountants, lawyers, financial advisors (I could go on…) did not receive the training needed to fulfil their role in a competent manner? How would you feel about this? Would you trust them? Would you believe that they could do their jobs effectively? They have our lives, well-being and sometimes our finances in their hands and we need, and want to trust them. This should be the same for our sales people and our customers expectations of them?

“Sales is a ‘professional’ profession”

From my many years’ experience working with sales people in a variety of industry sectors, there appears to be quite a  high turnover of sales people, both field and telesales. Why is this?

Maybe it is because they were not given the right tools, equipment and ‘training’ to bring in the business targeted for? Businesses spend billions of pounds on marketing and lead generation but how much do they invest in the development of those people (the sales team) that are responsible for converting these leads to paid business?

Selling is all about understanding what your prospective customer wants and needs. Then translating these into the desired benefits and outcomes required. I call this part of the Consultative Sales Approach and this is where professional Sales Training can really help your business to thrive.

Some of the key challenges that sales people face include;

  • Finding and getting access to the relevant buyer / decision maker
  • Getting a face to face appointment in the diary
  • Finding out what the buyer / decision maker is really looking for
  • Winning the order and securing the business
  • If you employ sales people may be yours face additional or different challenges?

Each of these challenges requires specific skills and the good news is, they are all trainable.


Maybe your sales are OK, but would you like more? Would you like the  sales people that you employ to bring in more business and maybe stay with you longer if they are good? Find out more about our professional Sales Training here.

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