You have a terrible memory! (If that’s what you choose to believe!)

August 14th, 2012 by Martin Smith Leave a reply »

A guest blog by Ross Page


In a recent survey we conducted on LinkedIn and another for a convention I was booked to speak at, I posed the question:

‘If you suddenly had a better MEMORY, what are THREE things that you would like to be better at REMEMBERING?

Seems that the most common answer to this question, anywhere I ask it is: Names

But… it’s no use. You’ll never be any good at names…..



Sorry. What I meant to say was ‘You’ll never be any good at names… if that’s what you choose to believe!’

I usually start a workshop or event by……….

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So, what do you choose to believe? How will you respond to the question “Are you good at remembering people’s names” in future?


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